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Our Mission

Positive Pathways of Chicago (PPC) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in Chicago, Illinois that assists veterans, formerly incarcerated and underemployed adults to integrate back into society and their families by way of successful and meaningful employment.  


Off-site Engagement

We regularly attend Re-entry events at the following facilities for soon to be released inmates to promote the services we provide. Even if they are not interested in our program, we still invite them to come by for coffee and just kick-it with us to see how else we can help them.

  • Cook County Jail
  • Sheridan Correctional Center
  • Stateville Correctional Center
  • Dixon Correctional Center
  • Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center 
  • Illinois Department of Corrections Summits of Hope
  • Local parole meeting
  • Monthly Community Support Advisory Council meeting


Training Within Industry

At the beginning and during WWII, there was an urgent need to increase productivity in the manufacturing of war parts for both the U.S and its allies. Although there was no lack of manpower because of the depression, few were trained with the appropriate skills needed to carry out the government’s plans. 

Something that complicated this plan was that many seasoned supervisors, along with thousands of other skilled factory workers, were now in short supply because many were enlisting or being drafted into the military. Experienced workers who had "NO" experience in supervising, training or basic "on-boarding" of new and unskilled workers were being appointed as supervisors every day. 

This caused thousands of new employees to quit their jobs because of the work pressures from these supervisors and in August 1940, the government created the Training Within Industry (TWI) program which was devised to train the supervisor’s how to train these new workers to produce war parts. 

In sessions 4 & 5, we will discuss the very concepts those manufacturers used to train their workforce and of how they were able to identify and create a more efficent workflow.

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